Fits of Disorganized Boredom (2016)

by Problem Daughter

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released February 24, 2016

Recorded and Produced by Joel Pack at Rigby Road Studios
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio
Art and Design by Trey Bird

Dying Scene Records


all rights reserved



Problem Daughter Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Problem Daughter takes everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant" - Cassie Whitt (AP Magazine)

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Track Name: O Bother, Where Art Thou
I'll come clean, I'll come clean / I'll come clean if you do the same / And I won't, no I won't call you out on your shit / Like the boys that went to your college / I'm not the kid that you met when you were 21 / Don't go and say that you're sorry / Because these are feelings we all have / I tried catching up in the meantime, but that always made me feel so bad / Why don't we just go / Like we had a sense of direction / Why don't we just run / Like we knew where we were headed / We were just so young / I let ignorance get in the way of love / I'll hold still, I'll keep still / Take your time and steady your aim / If I scream out your name, please don't take this easy on me / Because I'll admit I only want what I can't have / And I’ll admit I’ll probably always be a drag / And I hear the others when they call me / Jesus Christ I won’t pick up / And you seem to be doing just fine in the meantime / I’ve already said too much / Why don't we just go / Like we had a sense of direction / Why don't we just run / Like we knew where we were headed / We were just so young / I let ignorance get in the way of love / Your apathy took up all our fun / Now my cheap thrills are killing everyone / You know I tried to help you out / You knocked me down, you cast your doubts / Broken hearts get hard to count / Your broken hearts get hard to count / I hope you’re doing fine in the meantime
Track Name: Alda, Small Things
Close your eyes, I’ll eventually take you there / I am the clown that cries, lovingly leading to the gas chambers / And I apologize for being unprepared / But I get you, believe that I do / Bless-ed, are we? Laugh about it now / Bury it down just a little more / Drank December, became volatile / I’ve lost control and bruised my hand on the floor / We're so proud of a man you can't become / Smile a bit, it’s ugly when you don’t
I’m the bitch fit you always throw / The great pretender replaying this bender / Your least favorite age, your fears, mistakes your faults / You never meant to call, or even talk at all, drink alcohol or like my songs / Is that so wrong or too much to ask for? / Like shit to flies I’m attracted to despair / We’ve gotten way too high and burned up by solar flares / And you may be right but I deserve to be sometimes / If only you were nice and I was there
Track Name: My Other House is a Meth Lab
What am I running from? What am I so scared of? / Why get up and try again when you got up stopped and said you’ve never been so careful And I’ve been haunted by shadow men / Crept past the corner of my eye / And said be careful because I said so / I’ve got the feeling that you’re all safe but this is gonna be a long year / Fail more times than I ever succeed / I blame it on stress or perhaps grief or the fact I do not eat / When they all know my shame I’ll stab and push down all the way / I take it all with a straight face / I should walk home but that’s not the case / Wake up you’re dreaming / I can’t and it’s freezing / A home left to the sons of sorrow / H A P P Y / Let’s celebrate for the recent loss of body weight now / H A P P Y / Let’s celebrate for the reasons why you ran away now / I’m stoking the fire, I can’t keep from losing control / I read William S all night to feel that I’m not so bad / I’m the silent type, an alcoholic academic / Part time socialite / Talk’s cheap but we all slaughter it / I digress, I feel ill / I’ve been spracked, i’ve been spun, I’ve been bombed out just for fun / I’m hungry like the wolf and I am as rabid as one / It’s not fair, the worst kind of hobby / But have you ever laughed to death? / You know you wouldn’t be here if it were true / And have you ever scored some meth and lit up the lightbulb like the whole idea was a good one, if great one if nothing at all / I took shots out of needles and came back for more, and If they should ask me why I needed more I guess I’ll say that I am a diabetic / This is so damn pathetic
Track Name: Liars
I grew up deceived, misled completely / A paramount mortal, so damned important / An incredibly good lie, the only kind i’m ever told / I’ve got a receding hairline, crooked teeth and alone / Please forgive the undeserving fits as families grew / Your first became his middle name, your middle went to someone new / Singing uh oh, oh uh oh, do I feel entitled? / Play it again, Sam / Of all the boy’s rooms in the world / She walked into mine, man / And as I try not to let her I’m reminded that i’m not fearless, not able to confront what I hate / I get used and tolerate it / What scares me the most is what I do to pass time / I sleep all damn day so tomorrow will bring something new / A lifetime wasted on working / I’m not going out there again / If we can’t avoid sorrows then fuck our tomorrows / I’m not going out there again / Tell the teachers and liars and newspaper writers / I’m not going out there again / Such a curse, try to forget you’re doing worse / And maybe old songs could prove me wrong / But I don’t think that they can, how could I understand back then? / And maybe love songs could be as strong / As the feeling they suggest, but I couldn’t care less / The world it trembles when I’m sober or at least I do / Naked Ginsberg on her wall, I pretend I knew him / And now I can see I’m fucked completely / I grew up, I’m older, it’s all a bummer / But I really can do better when I’m falling apart / Like the most positive leper, luck has taken me this far / And it wouldn’t make a difference if I fumbled with art because I’m beaming with unoriginality
Track Name: Lousy Smarch Weather
Oh, tell me more about how I’m advantageous / Tell me more, tell me more til my fucking ears bleed / How could I ever live up to such expectations while I’ve been in my room where I sit and fume for weeks? / Call it obtuse or call it courage, call it what you will / But for my next trick i’m gonna mix all this shit and transform into a charismatic individual / Is there a problem? Before you never cared enough for I to share / Incredibly I have become the meanest thing so dangerous / And any day now you’ll wake up and realize they write and make beautiful words like “shit” or “piss” or “fuck” / I’ve played the part of Clare Quilty and I’ll stalk your body until you like me / What is worse, dying lonely or against me, honey? / And if you don’t protect your throat / I’ll think about cutting it but I won’t, but I’d like to / I could help you with that lump that makes you choke / Or just forget about it, whatever one comes first / I show up at the party, the one that insults all your friends / But just read my mind and you will find that it’s all just pretend / I’m just jealous and a little bit possessive / I’m sure you understand
Track Name: Like A Dog
I slit my wrist, just to watch the crimson flow / All the words that I wrote are pooling on the floor / Your shaking hands, they won’t open up this door / If it’s a place we've been before, then I'm not staying / Pages caked with dust / Handwritten stories unfinished / I found myself at the end of a leatherbound collection / Stories written by a friend / A sweet, most certainly dead friend / And at the end a sad journey into the reflection of one’s self / And it hurt as I thought, how could I respect wishes and just burn, take a walk, as it burned all his life work in a box, under suits, a padlock / His genius understood / His last words, “Like a dog” / I could have been there and I can, but I won’t because I can / Maybe i’m just getting old, sentimental towards a friend / But I’ve been drinking all day long, can’t quite pinpoint what it is / I’m trying to be strong, strong for him but I’m afraid that I just can’t / I see that cross, you've been wearing around your neck, I pretend like I forget, until it's on my back / You sing my songs like you knew what they meant / You’ve agreed but can't respect, so put my words in embers and in ash / I’m spread thin, oh headaches / Forget it, I’ll spend the next few years with my head down low / Undress them with my eyes some more / I’ve spent some time sleeping and I hate it / But I need it, I know that / Just pieces left with apathetic readjustment / Oh, my god, oh ma’am / Would you like to stay and watch the digression of a man? / I promise one hell of a show, maybe cut off both my hands / Limp around the stage til I get sick / I’m afraid that I just can’t / Talk too much, no, not right now / I am losing my near sight, my wits, my smile / But I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, I’ve been drinking for a while / Find what you love and let it kill you
Track Name: Splinters
Is it me? Is it you? Is it all we ever do - is to compete for Santa Sangre, and a modicum of sleep? / Wait, back up / I told you once I don’t mean to get so fucking angry / You know that it’s so hard to sing without you? / Why is it so hard to sing and never doubt? / Embarrassing to think that I can be something / A beautiful thick mind is my escape / No working smiles without a cup of coffee / You know that it’s so hard to sing without you? / Why is it so hard to sing and never doubt? / I boast a little bit / A toast to our friends and triumphs / The reflection of a ghost beneath Edgewater / And although I’m far from home I feel okay / Just know I miss you more every single day / Humble adults you all may be / You’re dealing with a boy in so much trouble / Just don’t hate me, don’t hate me / I can’t help but lose my mind / Don’t take my things down from off the shelf / I’ll be back and things will be fine
Track Name: Dracula on a Budget
So you lived how you wanted to? / Trapped in pride and progress / You watched as your parents died, in the house where you grew up / So you live without compromise? / Do you know the meaning? / You're trapped by faith and standards / Or are you just too scared to leave?
What if your grass is greener, somewhere else / Is it life you can’t face? / You run and always find yourself back in the same place / Everything dies, that won’t change / You take the bad with the good / Scratch out your own existence, when its gone no one will miss it / Our time and each other are all we’ve got / I work for the weekend, so I have something / A ride home, and a place to stay / I sing to the rhythm / I won’t die for nothing / I’ll have some fresh air when I suffocate / We sing to the rhythm, we won't die for nothing