Problem Daughter (2012)

by Problem Daughter

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joel Pack at Rigby Road Studios.
Artwork and Design by Craig Horky,
All Songs Written by Problem Daughter.

Problem Daughter = Dead to Me + The Flatliners + Banner Pilot
These guys have been cranking out solid punk rock tunes since 2008, and this self-titled release proves that punks can still progress. The opening trio of songs (particularly “Church Bitch”) channels the melodic style of punk rock championed by bands from the Bay Area and/or Gainesville and eaten up by frequenters of punknews . org. “Misty Marie Kleinman” sees the band slowing down a bit, showcasing their sentimental side and even incorporating some syncopated reggae-style rhythms in the middle of the track. The standout track is “Anxious Endeavors,” where the band’s mixture of contagious energy, heartfelt emotion and raw lyrics are punctuated by some excellent female vocal contributions. I’m stoked that bands like this exist in Salt Lake.
-Ricky Vigil (Slug Mag)


released September 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Problem Daughter Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Problem Daughter takes everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant" - Cassie Whitt (AP Magazine)

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Track Name: Church Bitch
Church Bitch
How holy can a ghost get? Enough to make you feel so sorry for me. So I ask, why can’t I find a sense of glory? I hear my fates written in a story I never read. Take the flesh. It’s really bread, and the blood to choke him down, oh yeah force him down. Irony. Two believers, two college students can still love a god and still be strong while holding hands. Afraid? No reason to be. A martyr, maybe a better brother? What about my father? He never talked to me either. So I’ll keep acting like I’m tough shit. Who’s next?
Track Name: Co-op Lungs
Co-op Lungs
Ava, please will you breathe for me and let them see what summer brings? They sing Hosanna out in the streets, but she never did too much for me. May you travel home in safety and find that all is well and remember the past mistakes of a former self. Stacked up against you these impossible odds, these towers, these walls they were built to fall. If you can count all your problems, on either hand, between one and ten, then you are a lucky man.
Track Name: Fat Neighbors
Fat Neighbors
Call me brother, you’re doing fine. You're finally old enough to decide. But I don’t want to waste any time by saying this is how we did it at my old school. What I witnessed while starring in green eyes was the overwhelming fear that had once been in mine. Tell me again about the roof caving in so I understand. It’s guys like me who’ll bring in the sober age with sick livers and black hearts. Just know that a family loves you, believe that your friends will all come back and when they do they will find you screaming…Don’t you lie you are just like me, your best dreams now memories. Photos tapes inside a book, suicide never looked so good. But in the end you are just like me, growing up so easily. Giving up is all it took, it hit so god damn hard I fucking shook.
Track Name: Misty Marie Kleinman
Misty Marie Kleinman
We’ll take the long way home. I’ll drive, you sleep, stay warm. The fear of what’s outside, you taught me well enough to hide it. Afraid of friends who want me dying, so come on boys I feel like dying. In extinguished ambition I’ll find my inspiration. I’ll never have a good time, but make something worth a lifetime. I’m fucking exhausted. Bad news this holiday season. I think I’ve lost it. Blank page, the words escape me. Am I causing cancer? Too much stress and you’re only getting older. You were not much of a fighter, you fought well enough to provider for me. And if your heart beats nowhere fast. The air is so cold, you can’t explain. Joints go stiff and you cannot stand, classic case of food poisoning. And when all hope is lost you’ll paint one hundred pictures worth remembering. Was it ever quite this easy? I’m not the least bit joking when I say I find sorrow so inspiring. I had a face only a mother could love, lucky for me that is just what she was.
Track Name: The Power is in My Name
The Powers is in My Name
Cordelia, please bring us back some heat and some water we can drink, this poison is in our veins. Give us air, and room to breathe, and I'll fix this up but that never works. Four different checks to pay the rent. Three different jobs I’m amazed I ain’t got one yet. I can only count on two to drive me home. I went downtown find something better for me, and then went home because I lost interest. We fall in life, just like the first time. Thought we'd tell our friends. Forgot these good times would just fall in line like the last time. Your heart will mend through all these run on sentences. I took a walk after dark, fought hunger pains and slept a while at the park. Through chattering teeth I curse the cold. I dreamt I was with someone I wish I could be and then awoke to rolling thunder. Cordelia, please give me piece of mind so I can fall back asleep and act like I never cared. Cordelia, I left the lights on, so I could stumble home but I never did. All the above of fear and love. If I wasn’t here I would probably still be fucking up. Finally a place that I call home. A migraine that won’t let up or ever cease, I slept it off and awoke with interest. We fall in love, just like the first time. Thought we'd tell our friends. Forgot these good times would just fall in line just like the last time. Your broken heart will mend through all these run on sentences.
Track Name: Low Ceilings
Low Ceilings
You never know just how low your ceilings go until you’re hanging by your throat from them. You scrape your toes on the carpet down below and you wished you hadn’t have grown so much this year or last year. Stuck down in this basement for seven long days and I've been preaching to myself because my choir moved away. I've been quoting all these verses but leaving out the names. I don't want to put a face to embarrassment, a race to my shame. Don’t get so frustrated, emotions are overrated. Fickle friends for poor old me, with no such personality. Left us a good home without her, I will try at this when I give in. Bless your heart girl for seizing mine. If Jesus Christ has died for me how did he become my worst enemy? In spite of him I will not quit. I wish that I could be stuck down in this basement for seven long days, and I've been preaching to myself because my choir moved away. I've been quoting all these verses but leaving out the names. I don't want to put a face to embarrassment, a race to all my shame. My best friend an author he torments himself for the sake of the story and the words he can't leave out. When it comes to haunt him, like I know it does, I hope he finds strength in the characters from the tales that he has spun.
Track Name: Anxious Endeavors
Anxious Endeavors You're slightly misinformed, about my health, the things in my throat and my eating habits. In the end, or so it goes, shit and hope both float and I don't buy it. And the snow beat down making our jackets heavy; I would have gone with you if you would have let me. Standing on the corner listening to MP3's, rolling cigarettes, trying not to breathe so much cold. Slightly misinformed; I don't care, not anymore about your anxious endeavors. Has it been a year? You are such a bore. You've never been like this before, I liked it better when you read to me. I don't, no I don't care if I should walk or if I should run. So when depression turns to carelessness, I'll let the paint thin, stand there and breathe it in until every last little bit of both our lives have shriveled up, forgotten and left too....Striding through the ash can, none of us are hopeful, singing stupid punk songs, she gave me a quarter for it. Our lives on film, our lives in books, our lives as art. Things so contrived, you try to hard. I understand quite fully now, the words on the street have showed me how. I left my heart in Utah. I left my bag on the bus in 'Frisco. Don't hate me for leaving, I just needed a way out. I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I got a drink at the corner store and sat down in the street and listened to MC5 on the radio. I can not win I look back and see my faults moving in. When standing on that corner that’s where you'll find me, puking while thinking of you.
Track Name: There is no Pepe Silvia
There is no Pepe Silvia
Buried under my filth so deep. No use cleaning, trouble breathing. Whispered wonders of a better summer. Time I’d rather spend indoors and sink faster than before. That record sucks. What’s with this heat? How come everybody that I know is so fucking depressing? Drinking coffee at 2AM in the kitchen with none of my friends. I’m just waiting for the sun to come up, I'll quit acting like a bitch. All this time I’ve been awake, I have shrugged of worried minds with blatant disregard. I’ve spent plenty of nights alone, getting drunk, pissing in the backyard. You are so fortunate, I envy you. Crime may amount to something. Take responsibility for your actions. I’ll take a hit and hold it in until my lungs quit. Tell the boys in the band I couldn’t give a shit. Old scratch I have become and I know it’s not right. You’re alone, and I’m a loner. It’s not right, I lie to myself at times, you’re right. It’s sickening that this still itches. Goodnight world, same time tomorrow. We’ll see who wins this time. Can you see what I care about most? Buried under my filth so deep. No use cleaning, trouble breathing. The city sleeps, it looks so shitty at night. I’m not a violent man, but I want to start a fight. (Take me home. Didn't want to be alone. Leave me the fuck alone)