I grew up deceived, misled completely / A paramount mortal, so damned important / An incredibly good lie, the only kind i’m ever told / I’ve got a receding hairline, crooked teeth and alone / Please forgive the undeserving fits as families grew / Your first became his middle name, your middle went to someone new / Singing uh oh, oh uh oh, do I feel entitled? / Play it again, Sam / Of all the boy’s rooms in the world / She walked into mine, man / And as I try not to let her I’m reminded that i’m not fearless, not able to confront what I hate / I get used and tolerate it / What scares me the most is what I do to pass time / I sleep all damn day so tomorrow will bring something new / A lifetime wasted on working / I’m not going out there again / If we can’t avoid sorrows then fuck our tomorrows / I’m not going out there again / Tell the teachers and liars and newspaper writers / I’m not going out there again / Such a curse, try to forget you’re doing worse / And maybe old songs could prove me wrong / But I don’t think that they can, how could I understand back then? / And maybe love songs could be as strong / As the feeling they suggest, but I couldn’t care less / The world it trembles when I’m sober or at least I do / Naked Ginsberg on her wall, I pretend I knew him / And now I can see I’m fucked completely / I grew up, I’m older, it’s all a bummer / But I really can do better when I’m falling apart / Like the most positive leper, luck has taken me this far / And it wouldn’t make a difference if I fumbled with art because I’m beaming with unoriginality


from Fits of Disorganized Boredom (2016), released February 24, 2016


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Problem Daughter Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Problem Daughter takes everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant" - Cassie Whitt (AP Magazine)

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