I slit my wrist, just to watch the crimson flow / All the words that I wrote are pooling on the floor / Your shaking hands, they won’t open up this door / If it’s a place we've been before, then I'm not staying / Pages caked with dust / Handwritten stories unfinished / I found myself at the end of a leatherbound collection / Stories written by a friend / A sweet, most certainly dead friend / And at the end a sad journey into the reflection of one’s self / And it hurt as I thought, how could I respect wishes and just burn, take a walk, as it burned all his life work in a box, under suits, a padlock / His genius understood / His last words, “Like a dog” / I could have been there and I can, but I won’t because I can / Maybe i’m just getting old, sentimental towards a friend / But I’ve been drinking all day long, can’t quite pinpoint what it is / I’m trying to be strong, strong for him but I’m afraid that I just can’t / I see that cross, you've been wearing around your neck, I pretend like I forget, until it's on my back / You sing my songs like you knew what they meant / You’ve agreed but can't respect, so put my words in embers and in ash / I’m spread thin, oh headaches / Forget it, I’ll spend the next few years with my head down low / Undress them with my eyes some more / I’ve spent some time sleeping and I hate it / But I need it, I know that / Just pieces left with apathetic readjustment / Oh, my god, oh ma’am / Would you like to stay and watch the digression of a man? / I promise one hell of a show, maybe cut off both my hands / Limp around the stage til I get sick / I’m afraid that I just can’t / Talk too much, no, not right now / I am losing my near sight, my wits, my smile / But I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, I’ve been drinking for a while / Find what you love and let it kill you


from Fits of Disorganized Boredom (2016), released February 24, 2016


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Problem Daughter Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Problem Daughter takes everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant" - Cassie Whitt (AP Magazine)

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