There is no Pepe Silvia

from by Problem Daughter



There is no Pepe Silvia
Buried under my filth so deep. No use cleaning, trouble breathing. Whispered wonders of a better summer. Time I’d rather spend indoors and sink faster than before. That record sucks. What’s with this heat? How come everybody that I know is so fucking depressing? Drinking coffee at 2AM in the kitchen with none of my friends. I’m just waiting for the sun to come up, I'll quit acting like a bitch. All this time I’ve been awake, I have shrugged of worried minds with blatant disregard. I’ve spent plenty of nights alone, getting drunk, pissing in the backyard. You are so fortunate, I envy you. Crime may amount to something. Take responsibility for your actions. I’ll take a hit and hold it in until my lungs quit. Tell the boys in the band I couldn’t give a shit. Old scratch I have become and I know it’s not right. You’re alone, and I’m a loner. It’s not right, I lie to myself at times, you’re right. It’s sickening that this still itches. Goodnight world, same time tomorrow. We’ll see who wins this time. Can you see what I care about most? Buried under my filth so deep. No use cleaning, trouble breathing. The city sleeps, it looks so shitty at night. I’m not a violent man, but I want to start a fight. (Take me home. Didn't want to be alone. Leave me the fuck alone)


from Problem Daughter (2012), released September 9, 2012


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Problem Daughter Salt Lake City, Utah

Punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Problem Daughter takes everything great about punk and pack it into songs varied in structure and melodies that never grow redundant" - Cassie Whitt (AP Magazine)

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